Frequently Asked Questions


We have trialed pre-orders before and despite regular updates and PRE-ORDER all over the product page people were still asking why their order had not been shipped, so we chose not to use pre-orders. 

If the product is out of stock we include an email form on the product information page, where you can enter your email address and be notified as soon as the product is available again. Once the emails have been sent your email will be unsubscribed and deleted from the specific list. 

Ongoing updates will be available on social media. Once we have a rough ETA a date will be posted, prior to that a lot of the logistics and supply chain are out of our control so we cannot accurately determine a time frame.

Yes, we accept credit and debit card payments with our card processor, payments can only be made through the store. Ignore the PayPal checkout button at the start of checkout and fill out your details, payment can be made on the last page. 

We also accept PayPal, you can use the PayPal checkout button at the start of checkout, or fill out your details manually and pay with PayPal at the end of the checkout process.

Yes, please contact us with your billing/shipping address, the products and quantities you wish to order, and the shipping method you would like. We will then email you an invoice. Once the bank transfer payment has been received your order will be fulfilled and dispatched.

Not at the moment. Once the payment rails improve and financial institutions have clarity then it may be implemented.

Yes. At the top left of the screen next to the search box there is a drop down menu preset to GBP, clicking that will give you the option to select, USD, AUD, EUR, CAD, INR, or JPY. This will display the prices in one of the selected currencies. At checkout payment is still made in GBP. Your card issuer or PayPal will automatically apply the exchange rate at the time of purchase for your currency & GBP and you will be billed in your local currency. 

When you order you will be emailed a link for tracking, this is usually in an email titled, “Your order has reached the warehouse”. Please ensure you check Junk/Spam folders for this. In the email there will be a link for you to continue to ViewPort to check the status of your order. Once dispatched and with the courier there will be a link below that instance “see full tracking history >>” Clicking this will take you to the couriers website for further tracking information. If it is with Royal Mail, on the Royal Mail tracking page, you need to select “continue to delivery partners website” This will take you to your local couriers page, this usually has more up to date tracking as Royal Mail only tracks it leaving the UK and final delivery.


Shipping is flat rate. (£15 GBP Standard) airmail which will arrive by your local postal service or courier, this is sent tracked where possible, though some tracking is limited dependant on the destination. This option is not available for all countries.  

(£30 GBP Priority) This service is sent using DHL or Fedex dependant on the destination and has full tracking. This This option is not available for all countries.

For UK customers, Shipping is flat rate £8 by Royal Mail 24 Hour tracked. 

Yes, We ship all over the world from our UK based fulfillment warehouse. Some countries and islands can be a little more difficult but we aim to find a solution. 

If your order is after 12:00AM GMT/00:00 UTC, Your order will be dispatched the following day, dispatch delays can occur at busy times like the run up to the Christmas Holiday in the UK. Once dispatched, shipping time is dependant on the shipping option, standard or priority. Standard can take anywhere from one week to three weeks on average and is usually delayed by your countries customs. Priority on average is 1-3 days after dispatch. 

For UK customers it is usually 1 day after dispatch. All of these time frames are dependent on the the courier and customs capacity at the time. Please consider we are not in control of how long it takes to arrive. 

Please consider that we only have access to the same tracking information you have. Often the delay is caused by customs, contacting your local customs and excise can help to locate the item and speed up the processing if required. 

We strongly recommend using the priority shipping option if available as Fedex and DHL fast track the shipment through customs, the tracking information is also much more reliable than local post via the standard option. For Example Australia Post and Canada Post do not register the royal mail tracking barcode so we can not easily keep track of the shipments, though their service is reliable it is easier to locate items with the priority shipping. 

If you have any concerns please contact us and we will raise it with the shipping agent who can liaise with the local courier. 

No. This is a criminal offence and could lead to prosecution. 


This is often down to the incorrect use of the Spooky2 software/radionics preset and port/socket connections. 

To check; (1) connect the BNC cable to OUT1 on the Boost, or Generator, and the other end of the BNC cable to the Radionics INPUT socket. (2) Run the Spooky Radionics General preset in the Spooky2 software. Is it working? If yes, then great! Take notice of the preset information panel to the right of the preset selection panel, it will detail what the preset is for, and which connection to the generator or boost you need to make. 

If the light is still not working it can sometimes be a faulty BNC cable, if you have a spare BNC cable simply swap it out and check if the light is working or not. 

Alternatively, connect the BNC cable to TTL_IO on the XM generator, the other end of the BNC cable to Radionics Input, and power on the generator. If the blue light is showing, refer to the first part of this answer again around preset/port connection settings. 

If the light is still not showing, please contact us. Please include as much information as you can in your email, ie settings/presets and ports used, whether you have tested it with another BNC cable etc. 

First please refer to the above answer. (The blue light on my radionics machine is not working) 

Some people also expect a classic through hole LED on the board that is visible on the surface when it is not powered. V1.2 and accessories use a secret til lit panel and SMD led, the blue LED will not be visible until it receives power from a signal generator. 

This is normal depending on the frequency you are using. You will see the led flicker up to around 40Hz, any frequency above that will be imperceptible and appear solid. 

You do not need a signal generator, it can be used passively, that is to say without power. See this article for more info (Passive operation) However, it works much more effectively with a signal generator providing a power source and frequency, the instrument was designed for this purpose. We recommend the Spooky2 XM 


You can find rates in various rate directories, there are a few publicly available ones on the Berkana labs website at towards the bottom of the page (Rate Directories) 

We use the rate reduction method, there are a few ways to do this which is covered in the operation manual which you can find here (Spooky2 Radionics operation manual) or in this berkana labs store blog article (rate reduction)  

We usually dowse the required length of the broadcast, and run it for that set time. Some people chose to run the operation until results are seen, or as a general rule run for 24 hours or overnight if you are unable to determine the time required. 

A good place to start is with Peter Radatti's books, this is geared towards Hieronymus style instruments, but you will gain a good understanding of what radionics is capable of and how to apply it. You can find a list of Pennsylvania Pete's books here 

There are many orgone sellers you can purchase from. However, we recommend Akaida, they create an expertly crafted orgone disk designed to fit the radionics plate perfectly, and their radionics orgone pyramid can be plugged directly into the radionics output for an added orgone boost. You can find their products here (Akaida Store


You can purchase the signal generator directly from Spooky2 here (Spooky2 XM

We also recommend the Spooky2 Boost , this will allow you to make use of all of our radionics presets in the Spooky2 software. 

You can download the spooky2 software for free from (Spooky2 downloads)  

Yes you can use the generator X with the radionics presets. At the moment the generator X does not function correctly when the manifestation preset is loaded into it for standalone mode. You would need to use a PC connection. A new preset has been developed to allow standalone use with the GX, but it is not currently available in the software. It can be downloaded from our Spooky2 radionics group and installed manually. 

You can use a variety of magnetic stirrers. Spooky2 sells a low cost one which you can find here (Magnetic Stirrer)

If you also need to purchase a generator and Boost, we recommend the Spooky2 colloidal silver kit which has everything you need, Stirrer, Boost, and XM. (Colloidal Silver Kit)

Refunds & Returns

Please contact us with a photo of the damage. Dependant on our refund policy we can either refund you in full or send a replacement. If within 60 days of purchase. If over 60 days and within two years a fault develops please contact us and we will arrange repair. 

As outlined by our returns policy which you agree to at checkout you are responsible for paying return shipping, on receipt and if the item is in its original condition and unused we will refund you your original purchase amount. 

In your shipping email you were provided a link to viewport for tracking. At the top right on the viewport page there is a blue button that says Return your order. Please click the button and follow the instructions.


We are a VAT registered UK company, we are required to collect 20% VAT on UK customers orders.

Since January 2021 we no longer collect VAT on EU customers orders, EU customers orders are 0% at sale, you will be required to pay VAT at your local rate on receipt of your order, this is usually invoiced by the postal courier or is a required payment before they make the delivery. 

Outside of the UK and EU. As before we will not collect taxes on your order, you are responsible for paying import duties and local tax rates on delivery of your order.