Passive Radionic Operation

August 05, 2018

Passive Radionic Operation

In this blog article we will cover passive radionic operation, and how it can be applied with our radionics system.

A number of people have had success using Spooky2 Radionics as a passive device. This is to say being used standalone without a connection to the XM signal generator or any source of power. 

The three dial was not designed with this purpose in mind, and produces far better results while receiving input from Spooky² and the XM Generator. However if your situation requires you can use the device passively without the XM.

The passive function is improved by making an Earth connection at the radionic devices input. This function is born on the back of principles established over the last century by Abrams, Drown and De la Warr to name a few.

Connecting the device in passive mode to Earth creates a return circuit, and the sampling coils act like the antenna and LC circuit in a crystal set, though the radionic principles differ. A single coils frequency resonance within the instrument is roughly 33KHz, this allows us to tap into low frequency radio bands as a source of passive power.

Crystal Radio

basic crystal radio circuit


The earth ground creates motion in the circuit also bypassing the operator who otherwise would act as a virtual neutral to ground. This would not pose a problem when running operations for yourself, but when broadcasting to another witness or creating remedies for someone else you would put yourself in the firing line and receive the information and sample intended for them by proxy. Adding the Earth connection eliminates this problem in passive mode.

The connection can be made by attaching a BNC-Crocodile/alligator lead to the input socket of Spooky2 Radionics.

The black negative crocodile clip can then be connected to Earth/Ground. This is often accomplished by connecting to a cold water pipe. This only works if the pipe is bare metal. In modern buildings the pipes tend to be PVC so earthing here would not work.

You can purchase an earthing socket like the one displayed here and make the connection to one of the binding posts or in this case of this image a snap connector for an ESD wrist band. The crocodile connector will still clip onto it okay.

Earthing Socket

It would be good practice to sever the connection during lightning storms as a safety precaution.

Earthing should only be done when the device is being operated without the XM or power.  Once connected to the XM and powered up the Earth is no longer needed and would instead inhibit the function. With the powered circuit the return is made though the generator and subsequent electrical system.

For extra potential the red clip acting as a short antenna could be connected to a non amplified aerial or psionic device for experimentation.

This passive radionic operation can serve as a viable method of operation for Spooky2 Radionics, in particular situations where there is no source of electrical power, such as field research in remote locations.

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