Rate Reduction

April 24, 2018

Rate Reduction

The three dial Spooky2 Radionics device offers a unique challenge when it comes to programming rates with more than 3 digits from rate directories. The rates found in those from Copen Laboratories were created on instruments usually with twelve dials or more which requires us to reduce the numbers for use on our three dial instrument.

There are a few ways in which to do this first we will take a look at using a part of the rate, this is by far the simplest.

For these examples I am going to use a rate for Penicillin: 719998999


Simply take the full rate (719998999), use the first 3 digits (719) and tune the dials on the instrument. That is all there is to it.


Some people find the previous method too simple, and prefer a greater level of rate detail for the operation. For this on the three dial device we need to break down the rate into sections and broadcast or imprint them one after the other. With penicillin we break down
(719998999) into (719), (998) and (999). We then program the the instrument with (719) and run for 1 minute, return the dials to zero, and input (998) for one more minute, after this we return the dials to zero and input the final three digits (999) for another minute. After which the rate input for penicillin is complete.

For some rates you may find you are left with a single digit. You simply enter this on the first dial and leave the rest at 0.

This rate breakdown method is quite clunky and not advised when simpler options are much better, that allow you to broadcast for longer periods and set it up in a fraction of the time.


This is a relatively new way of reducing the rates, but is born from thousands of years of numerology research and is a unique way of rate reduction.

Using our example rate for penicillin (719998999) we are going to add each digit one after the other. So, 7+1+9+9+9+8+9+9+9 gives us a number of 70, we can then input this into the 3 dial instrument as (700). The last dial as zero.


We can take this method one step further and reduce the long rate into a single representative digit. So we reduced it down to 70, we then use 7+0 which takes it down to 7. We now have two spare dials to enter other rates onto using the same method. This allows you to enter up to 3 long rates represented by a single numbers in one broadcast.

For example we have penicillin for it's antimicrobial properties now represented by the number 7. We may chose to compliment the broadcast with the rate for silver which is known to kill a wide range of pathogens, viruses and microbes. Since we have one more dial to work with we can add Zinc to help boost the immune system.

Silver: 3886

3+8+8+6 = 25

2+5 = 7

We then tune the second dial to 7 to represent the silver rate.

Zinc 31125

3+1+1+2+5 = 12

1+2 = 3

Now tune the 3rd and final dial to 3 in order to represent the rate for Zinc.

The dials are now tuned to 773

In this example silver and penicillin are represented by the number 7, but it does not matter for the operation as they still work respectively of each other. In each circumstance the way we arrive at the number is always different, for penicillin it was 7+0, and for silver 2+5. The underlying rate is self contained within a single representative number.

You can now run a broadcast for any length of time, usually determined by dowsing. The added advantage now that you have reduced three rates is that you can run in one broadcast complimenting each other, improving the treatment and reducing the time it takes.


This method requires you to write the long rate onto a piece of white paper with a black pen along with the intention of the broadcast, for example:

“Penicillin 719998999 to reduce infection of throat”

With the written rate and intention placed on the input the three dials of the radionic device are then tuned into this intent.

The key for these operations is to focus on the rate, what it represents, and what it is intended to treat.

You would then place the witness sample or water on the output, and proceed with the operation.

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