How the Peggotty Board Works and its New Design

October 21, 2018

How the Peggotty Board Works and its New Design

The Peggotty Board is a unique Radionic Instrument operated with peg placements in a grid. The instrument works passively without power exceptionally well. People often wonder how it works, to explain this lets first look at what the Peggotty's original inventor Darrell Butcher had to say about its operation in 1964:

"We are going to discuss the Downpouring first. This is a known force. It has been given many names. I am of the personal opinion that different people are able to attract different amounts of this force, but it is always with us; and that it does come down vertically under normal circumstances. This can only be made use of if we abide by the laws of light, one of which states that: “Vibrations of the ether take place, not in the direction of the wave, but in a plane at right angles to it. The latter are called transversal vibrations." This is from Ganot's physics.

It has been found that if a surface made up of black and white is placed in a convenient position and a transverse beam of light is reflected across it, then a message, or whatever it may be, can be reflected on to a nearby sample. And that, very broadly speaking, is that. Nothing much more to be said except to get down to the form of message. And we find that if we again obey the laws of light by saying that white reflects light and black absorbs light, and therefore put on a platform a mixture of black and white, our message will be made up of those waves which have either been attracted or vice versa."

To simplify, it is light which carries our radionic information or rates with the Peggotty. The rate pattern formed by the black pegs is absorbed by the light at a different rate than the white surface, an analogy would by like rocks in a stream creating various waveforms and eddy's as the water passes around them.

The information is then carried to the witness where it is broadcast to the patient.

Since the Peggotty Board will work without light, such as overnight in a dark environment it leads me to believe that the function is provided by infrared, so it is not in the visible light spectrum. The contrast between the black and the white surfaces further reinforces this infrared idea along with the original witness cradles that the Peggotty used to have which would spin with changes in air currents and thermal convection.

The Peggotty board is not dissimilar to standard radionic instruments. However, instead of setting the rates on dials, the rates are set by placing pegs, hence the name “Peggotty”.

We made a number of design changes to the Peggotty Board for our Berkana Labs version to help improve the simplicity of it's operation and further enhance its capabilities.

This image is of a typical original design Peggotty, stabbing pins, cradle and all. You will notice it has one more column than our version that is the diagnostic 5 line, which was never used. 

Original Peggotty Board

Updated Design

  • Diagnostic 5 – This feature is included on original peggotty boards, but is a relic from the Peggotty being experimentally used for diagnostic work. It resulted in two five number columns facing each other, the feature was never used and operators had to place the peg on the left hand five column only, so it made sense to remove it which we did with the new design. As a result it is far simpler to count the placements for the pegs 0-10  from right to left, no tricky double fives in the middle any more.
  • Witness Cradle – We replaced the spinning cradle with a witness plate. The cradle was sometimes hard to balance on the pin and had a tendency to stab you if you misplaced the cradle. The spinning cradle was alleged to be a function of auto tuning, but really just reacts to air currents and heat rising from the operator interacting with the finely balanced pin wheel. Testing with the new witness area provided consistent and positive results.
  • Pegs – Original pegs were black thumb tac pins, they served their purpose but again the sharp point was not ideal, so we upgraded the pegs to custom machined ones which are beautifully tactile and have larger head sizes than the original with no thumb tac pin point on the end.
  • Active Operation – This represents a major advancement in Peggotty evolution. The ability to integrate the instrument with our powered systems and use with a modular approach. Combined with our 3 dial instrument for example it can transmit up to 10 digit long base 10 rates into the 3 dial to expand that instruments potential. Two BNC sockets provide the input and output for the circuit. A signal LED is positioned below the witness plate to indicate a powered connection. The LED was placed in this position to remove the influence of its light output from the surface which may have affected the ability of the “downpour” as Butcher described it.
  • Tensor Technology – We included two ¼ Cubit gold plated phi ratio tensor style rings built in around the peg cradles, this helps to neutralise the pegs from any previous rate information after they are placed in the cradles in their neutral position.
  • Open Construction – Original instruments were Acrylic welded and sealed but had a tendency to accumulate dust through the peg holes. This open construction allows it to easily be cleaned and remove any accumulated dust if required.

The updated design certainly expands upon the Peggotty Boards potential making at an even more formidable radionic instrument. I will cover the Peggotty more indepth with further blog posts in the coming weeks. 


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