How to Prepare Water for Radionic Remedy Making

June 24, 2018

How to Prepare Water for Radionic Remedy Making

Water plays a big part in this radionics practice, so we will run through the type of water you need, and how to prepare it effectively to get the most out of our Radionics machines.

Water is a highly impressionable substance. It retains information from it's environment along the entire course of it's journey. The water from the tap in your home is dead water. It has been filtered and processed many times, flowing through underground pipes over long distances, being loaded with additives at the treatment plant and being structured over hard joints and right angles in the plumbing of your property.

It is for this reason that we must prepare the water we wish to imprint by removing the impurities through distillation, and restructuring the water, which in essence removes the programming via vortexing. It is like reformatting a computer hard drive ready to load new information onto it.


You can either purchase food grade distilled water, or you can prepare tap or bottled water with a steam distiller such as this one from Mega Home.

Water Distiller


You can find these distillers all over the internet. An internet search for water distiller will return plenty of results in your own locality. The one thing you need to look out for when purchasing a distiller is that is has a stainless steel boiler/steam coil and not an aluminium boiler. The aluminium will add impurities over time. You should also look for a distiller that has an activated charcoal filter. This will help to filter out any volatile organic compounds.

I would also suggest getting one with a glass jug. Most of these distillers produce 4 litres of pure water in 5-6 hours. You can run it overnight and have pure water by the morning. The cost of running it is quite low as well. The 4 litres is enough to make 40 remedies.

If you have access to lab equipment you could use a distillation train. However, getting one of the electric water distillers is much more practical.


Spooky2 Stirrer


You will also need two glass containers. We use 100mL Pyrex Beakers. Make sure the glassware is purchased brand new and never used. The glassware and magnetic stirrers need to be clean and sterile. In addition to the two beakers, you will require dropper bottles for making long term remedies. Purchase 100mL Cobalt Blue glass dropper bottles. You will need more than one if you wish to make a number of long term remedies.







  1. With your distilled water at room temperature, pour into one of the clean beakers. I aim for the 80 mL graduation. Too high and the vortex can spill over, also it leaves room in the dropper bottle. 
  2. Now place one of the clean magnetic stirrers into the the beaker containing your distilled water. 
  3. Place this beaker onto the base of the Spooky² Magnetic Stirrer, and line up the stirrer in the beaker roughly with the centre of the pad. Slowly switch the stirrer on, gently increasing in speed until it reaches a stable vortex. Do not over ramp the speed as the vortex can become too chaotic. 
  4. Set a timer for 20 minutes and leave the stirrer to do it's job of restructuring the water. 
  5. Once the minimum of 20 minutes is complete, remove the beaker from the stirrer. Now you need to separate the magnetic stirrer from the beaker without contaminating it. If you intend to use a dropper bottle you can pour from the spout of the beaker directly into the dropper bottle, being careful to retain the magnetic stirrer in the empty beaker.

    If you are not using a bottle and are making a one shot remedy, then you can decant the beaker into the second one and carefully leave the magnetic stirrer in the emptying beaker.
  6. Once this process is complete you should place the highly impressionable pure water straight onto the OUTPUT pad of the radionic machine ready for immediate imprinting. While you are imprinting you can run another restructuring process for a fresh batch of water to save time for your next operation. 

This process makes a potent water for programming. It removes any previous contaminants, both physical and energetic. It also increases the storage capacity of the water to improve it's information retention and subsequently the potency of the remedy.

This is the advised process. However, you can use regular water without any of this process and still get results, they are just not as viable as the ones received with this methodical procedure. If you do use regular water, then please make sure it is at least natural or bottled spring water.


For a one shot remedy that you consume immediately storage is not an issue. However for long term exposure, and greater assimilation into the body you should consume a remedy over a longer period of time with the dropper bottle. As a standard the dose is one drop under the tongue three times a day, or one drop added to a glass of water three times a day.

Pure water stored for long periods has been know to display signs of bacterial growth. This is usually down to poor sterilisation procedures on making the remedy, and the introduction of contaminants on consumption of the remedy.

The shelf life can be prolonged by storing in a refrigerator, and adding preservatives. These preservatives take the form of either grain alcohol, or medical ethanol if you can get it, or Colloidal Silver. These preservatives are added after imprinting. You can measure 20 mL of either in a spare beaker and add it to the preparation.

Some people have had success with other preservatives such as glycerine, and vitamin E.

On an information storage level, if you can keep the water physically pure for a long period, the remedy can last months with minimal discharge over time. I would suggest replacing after a year as some remedies can taper off and lose their viability at this stage due to a variety of external factors.

You can freeze the water to store the remedy. It will be viable for up to 5 phase transitions.


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