Radionic Analysis with Spooky2

August 26, 2018

Radionic Analysis with Spooky2

With the Spooky2 Radionics three dial instrument we are limited on performing full radionic analysis. However, there are a number of basic options we can explore to get an indication of whether a substance is beneficial or not. The analysis is achieved by dowsing over the witness with a pendulum, or by getting a strong stick reaction with the stick pad connected to the output of the radionic instrument. For the following example we will use a pendulum to make the analysis.

Spooky2 Radionics General Connection

  1. Connect the device in the OUT1 configuration and run the general Radionics preset.
  2. Place the substance under analysis on the input plate, in this case Ascorbic Acid, then add the witness to the output plate (top image)
  3. Rate dials are left at 0 for this operation.
  4. Test with the pendulum over the witness holding the intention whether the substance is beneficial for that witness/host. If you receive a positive yes response then it is beneficial.

You may chose to perform these tests on soil or water samples for instance to see if there is a contamination, using the contained contaminate on the input plate. If it is present in the sample under analysis on the output it will resonate, and will aid you in a pendulum analysis.

You can create a remedy for the substance that is not beneficial by removing the witness, and tuning into the sample. Once tuned in, you can set a balance rate and create a radionic remedy for it.

With this device it is best approached by removing the sample, and broadcasting the balance rate to the witness or water remedy for imprinting which is placed on the output with the Schumann frequency driving the device.

Advanced Radionic Analysis 

Advanced Radionic Analysis

For this example we will use the Spooky² frequency database, and analyse whether the major chakras are over active or under active.

  • Connect the device in the general configuration as outlined previously and load the general radionics preset.
  • With the programs tab, double click on the 7.83Hz frequency to remove the pre loaded Schumann frequency which is included in the general preset. Now select the chakras to test by typing in Chakra 2. We will start with the base and work up to the crown. Load all of the chakra 2 frequencies: Base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

Spooky2 Chakra Screen

  • On the generator control tab, start the generator.
  • Turn the third and last dial to 10, this will represent a maximum of 100% this can be considered an intensity setting similar to how other manufacturers test vitality.
  • With the pendulum held over the witness sample turn the dial counter clockwise until you get a reaction.
  • 70-80%, 7-8 on the dial represents balanced activity, anything over is overactive and anything below is bordering on underactive.

Spooky2 chakra select screen

  • Make a note of the activity for the base chakra then move onto the next chakra in the chain, the sacral.
  • Since these frequencies have a dwell of 600 seconds or ten minutes it is a long time to wait for each analysis. To get around this double click on the next frequency in the list which is the sacral chakra.
  • Repeat the analysis as before, resetting the dial to 10 (100%) and tuning counter clockwise to get the factor. If you do not get a reaction the first time, start from 0 back up to 100%
  • Make a note of the factor, and move onto the next frequency in the chain.
  • Once you have completed the set you will have analysed chakra activity. With the information you will be able to determine which chakras are under or over active.

You can then remedy this by running those specific chakra frequencies and broadcasting to the witness or imprinting to water.

Radionics Cold Scanning

Radionics Cold Scanning


  1. Connect the device to OUT1, and run the general radionics preset as outlined previously.
  2. With the witness on the input tune the rate dial with your pendulum focusing on the cause of the ailment you are analysing. Focus is key to this process.
  3. Once you have tuned into the cause, move the witness to the output plate, and set the balance rate for the cause. Broadcast the balance rate for a period of time determined by the pendulum. I would suggest a minimum of two hours.

You can imprint the balance remedy into water instead if you wish. This process is not true analysis as it does not allow us to discern exactly what the cause is, but it tunes into it and allows a quick fire remedy to be created to begin the healing process without delay.


With Spooky2 Radionics it is difficult to make detailed analysis of conditions. Furthermore indepth radionic analysis is an art in itself, and requires a good deal of training to conduct effectively. Further analysis is often conducted with pendulum charts that correspond to various locations in the body, and also the pre-physical body with the mental, and astral levels included. This gives the professional practitioner more detail to make an informed analysis and broadcast accordingly. 

You can work through the various Spooky² frequencies associated with the bodies organs and perform the factor analysis to build up a better picture of the bodies response. If an organ is displaying a low activity, then it is best to analyse this further by locating frequencies associated with parts of the organ. Broadcasting that particular organ frequency will help to balance the organ to an improved activity. If the factor is displaying 100% on re-testing, drop the treatment until the level normalises.

A variation on the substance analysis can be used to test molds, viruses, and pathogens etc to see if they are present via the witness. Obtaining the physical samples can be challenging in most cases. You can opt to run the simulated frequencies of these. If the frequency resonates with the virus, then it will aid a pendulum response indicating a yes to its presence. It can be difficult to locate genuine resonant MOR frequencies, this is why sweeps are often used to kill the virus and bacteria in Rife therapy. However, for analysis purposes a sweep is not ideal as it is hard to pin point and cross reference from the database for our purpose.

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