Radionic Rates

January 27, 2018

Radionic Rates

Rates are an essential feature of radionics and allow the practitioner to analyse and catalogue various substances and health conditions for later recall.

Within the practice of radionics, there are a few established rate bases. These rates employ numbers from 0-10, 0-44, and 0-336 these are just a few examples. Each rate base or system has it's own unique set of qualities. Our Base 10 (0-10) is the most widely used among instrument makers and practitioners.

Over several decades radionic researchers and practitioners have compiled various rate lists or directories. These cover many diseases, viruses, pathogens and bacteria, but they also encompass agriculture, botany, homeopathic remedies, minerals and elements. Many rates are also highlighted for the use of colour in therapy, rates for active chakras and various points of the subtle body.

Between them de la Warr and Copen amassed thousands of base 10 rates. Copen's directories are most widely available in digital form, and so it is these we have linked to.

You can access some of the rate directories from this link: Rate Directories

In most of the directories the rate given will be for the sample analysed. Unlike Rife frequencies they do not work in quite the same way to destroy a pathogen, the effects are more subtle if used like for like. Better affects are obtained by balancing the pathogen rate which we will cover later.

As you will note in these rate directories it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether they mean 0 or 10. As a rule 0 will often be highlighted by a break in the number string as a decimal such as 5431.032 This distinguishes it from 10. Sometimes you may find it in brackets. If there is no marker, then you can assume that 5431032 ten is ten and not a one and zero separately.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that Rife frequencies such as the ones from the Spooky² database correspond to the radionic rates. In an ideal world this would be true. However, in radionics we are dealing with subtle energy and information fields and so the Hz frequencies associated with Rife and physical oscillation, are not the same as the subtle energy rates. The simple way to look at it is as if Hz frequencies deal mostly with the physical world, and the radionics rates augment the non, or pre-physical world and aetheric information. Together they are a formidable pair and allow for a much more detailed holistic treatment.

Most properly engineered radionic instruments will have a tuning system that resonates with the sample being tested. A simple way to visualise this is by adjusting a telescoping aerial on an analogue radio and note the variation in the frequency band and signal it is receiving. Some people may recall TV sets with wire antenna that would change the reception if the shape was altered. The Radionics device is functioning in a similar manner, but on a much more refined level. The internal resonance is being adjusted while the operator is tuning and when the correct level is reached a reaction is detected and the dial is tuned.

The rates allow the operator to numerically define that point of resonance on a dial. However, since radionics is dealing with the pre-physical aspects of nature the consciousness and subsequently focused intention of the operator become a factor in the tuning resonance. It is for this reason that far better results are obtained when the operator is focused entirely on the sample being analysed.

With the intention factored in, radionic rates can become completely symbolic. This rate can then be defined as a sympathetic numerical construct which recalls the link between the operators subconscious, the instrument and the sample under study. The machine itself being in resonance with this entire procedure.

This may seem complex, but ultimately all you need to know is that the rate works, not just as a physical number representing a specimen, but that it represents the whole operation and all the subtle connections contained within.

From understanding this symbolic nature it is now clear how we are able to reduce long rates to shorter ones for our three dial instrument.

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