Radionics Manifestation Part 1

November 11, 2018

Radionics Manifestation Part 1

The ability to help manifest with radionics is something that excites many. In this reality what we align our focused intent on we can receive over time. With radionics, we can refine this and add elements which enhance the process. The way manifestation works is like engineering probability. We cannot directly influence macro probability, at least on a scale that makes an impact. But we can align future variables to coalesce on a present intersection. It is that intersection we create, a cross roads in the fabric of reality if you like.

We can align variables, but we cannot easily go against the grain. Since our universe likes to obey Newtonian physics, it finds a path of least resistance to manifest our intention. This means it will always fall within a Newtonian framework, or the most probable outcome. There was a case of a magician who tried all manner of spells and rituals to obtain the power of flight so that he could fly anywhere at will. He did not succeed in his quest, however it transpired that he won a free around the world airline ticket which he unfortunately dismissed.

You must seek to manifest something which is not outside the realm of possibility. I couldn't start a manifestation protocol with the intent to be on Mars next month. It's highly improbable, unless by chance I was recruited by a secret space program. I may find that it would bring Mars into my reality in simplistic ways, such as walking into a room and a TV programme about Mars just happens to be on, or chance articles in news papers and online. Focus your efforts on what is the most probable, and you will get results.

People often try to win the lottery with radionics and manifestation. It's not worth attempting in my opinion. The odds of winning a jackpot are astronomical. In one of the worlds largest lotteries the EuroMillions, you have a 96'000'000:1 chance of winning the jackpot. Of course there is still a chance of winning, it's just not worth the effort. In contrast you have a 1'500'000:1 chance of becoming an A list celebrity. I attempted to influence the EuroMillions once, I got small prizes however, all my influence managed to achieve was a roll over, week after week. In the end the prize had to be distributed to the next level. I kind of improved the odds, but I didn't win the prize money. You have to take into account that there are millions of other people out there all willing their numbers to come up. Focused intention on such a scale causes problems. This is half of the reason the numbers don't display true randomness. Some people still play smaller state games, and have success. Probably because the odds are improved and there is less focus on the draw. I have yet to hear from someone who has managed to manifest the jackpot.

To manifest, you must take action. If I intend to turn off a light switch, I think about it, then get up and switch it off. Thought followed by action = manifest. You might think it mundane, but using that thought process I've managed to switch off the lights via a sudden power cut, and in one case in a lecture someone turned off the lights to the entire room by mistake. Instant manifestation. Not easy to implement, but it can work. In general most people will be looking to manifest a new car, or a new house etc. Go out and test drive new cars, view new houses. If your problem is cash flow, then you need to work on that first, but you must take action.

We will now look at the various methods required for the protocol. This will lead into a basic set up, then detail more advanced procedures and radionic settings.

statement of intent

When it comes to manifesting something, this is one of the most crucial steps to get right. The way we word our intent can be the difference between failure and success.

A lot of people fall into the trap of negatives. This is to imply negative words such as Not, No, Wont, Don't etc. For instance if someone was trying to avoid a fine for some reason they may word a statement as such “I will not be fined” Immediately this poses problem. The subconscious does not accept negative statements, so Not becomes one of them. In this example the statement is manifested as “I will (…) be fined” The complete opposite of what the person intends!

Avoid negatives in your statement or it will backfire. Another way we need to be mindful of negatives, is if we chose to manifest something that could be as a result of injury, or ill health. For example if you wanted to lose some weight fast,  i.e “I have lost  two stone in weight in two months” The fastest path it may take to manifest is poor health which may cause you to lose weight fast. You would want to word the statement to tie it into something healthy, such as “I have now lost two stones of body fat with (name of exercise/diet)” This focuses the intent on positive weight loss, which is fat loss.  I have also left out a time frame in that example. This gives it more scope to manifest in a healthy manner.

Another odd way the former statement may manifest is that you could literally lose 28 pounds of weightlifting weights within two months. Maybe you lent them to a friend and they were never returned. Who knows. This system works to find the path of least resistance. This is why you need to be specific in your intent like in the last statement.

We will now take a look at an example of a car sale. I chose this as it is often something we all have to do at some point, whether its a car, a bike, a house or even a business.

When we want to sell a car, our generic statement is “I want to sell my car” Fair enough, but within the manifestation protocol this is like a neutral, it's floating there with no path to follow or any direction. We need to turn the statement into something as if it has happened in the present. “I have now sold my car” It might seem odd at first working with a statement as if it has happened, but it pulls the manifestation in a direction to the present, and crucially helps to create the outcome, a sale. Whereas the former statement sell, implies you have it up for sale but no final action to sell it.

We can take it one step further and and apply something actionable. Having worked with these protocols over the years I have come to this method as a sure fire way of manifestation. You need to consider an action you will personally have to make if your intention manifests. In the example of the car, we will ultimately have to hand over the keys and documents to the new owner. So to word this we can state “I have given my car keys to the new owner” This statement compiles the intention. The anchor/reference point is you have it as your car, the motive action is in handing over the keys, and the direction is the new owner, which implies the sale was a success. It takes some practice to implement the ideas but once you get the hang of it, its easy. Just remember to put something actionable into the statement, it will help give the intention operative motion and brings it down into this physical existence, where you can perform your part of the deal.


Radionics Manifestation Basic Procedure

  1. Connect your device in the BN configuration, and run the radionics manifestation preset within the Spooky² software.
  2. Write out the statement of intent on a piece of paper. Place the statement on the input plate of the radionic device.
  3. Using the pendulum or stick pad tune into the intent to set the rate. Focus here is crucial for a successful operation.  You must visualise the intent and outcome while you tune into it.
  4. Place something on the output plate to store the intent. You can use pure water or as I prefer in this protocol a cleansed quartz crystal. You can erase the quartz of previous programming by placing it under running water for a couple of minutes and exposing to bright sunlight or UV.
  5. Run the operation for at least 24 Hours. Some people run until it manifests. The timing is a personal choice. If in doubt consult the pendulum for the optimum time.
  6. Make sure you follow up on opportunities that come your way regarding the manifestation, and take action when necessary.

This is a basic procedure. There are further methods we can implement to enhance the protocol and boost the performance. We will take a look at these and sum it up with an advanced procedure in the following parts of this blog series. 

It is worth noting that I wrote this protocol a couple of years ago, the example of selling a car was just that, an example. I had not immediate intention of selling my car. However, almost immediately after running the protocol for demonstration I started to receive car finance offers from the bank, which I ignored. These became more and more prevalent, but I still had no desire to upgrade to a new car. It all came to a swift conclusion when a neighbour crashed into my parked car at 4AM writing it off. I was issued with a brand new hire car while the insurance investigated, and during that time once they decided it was a complete write off and liased with the at fault insurer for the full costs of replacement, I handed the car keys to the new owner, who just so happened to be the recovery driver acting on behalf of the insurer taking it away to the big scrap yard in the sky. 

In short, be careful what you wish for. I have a new car and I am happy with it, but I didn't even put any effort into manifesting it and it still manifested. 

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