Radionic Substance Copier

September 02, 2018

Radionic Substance Copier

The copying function of the Spooky2 Radionics machine can be used with very little understanding of Radionics. It is designed in such a way that someone with no formal training can use the machine to copy tinctures, vitamins, and supplements etc into water with ease. 

I will highlight a basic procedure then we will take a look at more advanced steps. Our example substance will be vitamin C.


  1. Set up your device in the general configuration. Spooky2 XM OUT1 > Radionics Input.
  2. Take pre-prepared pure water and place the dropper bottle on the output plate.
  3. Place the vitamin C on the input plate. I suggest a pure form of vitamin C in powdered form. You can place this in a glass beaker. 100ml beakers fit well on the plates. This keeps the machine clean and prevents any contamination.
  4. With the water and vitamin C on the machine run the general radionics preset in the Spooky2 software or set a frequency to run on the OUT1 channel.
  5. After at least 20 minutes of imprinting into the water your remedy will be complete.
  6. You can administer the water remedy as one drop under the tongue three times a day or added to water.


You can tune into the sample being copied to yield more refined results. This is done by tuning the rate dials to resonate with the sample.

  1. As with the basic procedure, set up the device in the general configuration and run the general radionics preset.
  2. Place the vitamin C on the input plate. Now tune into the sample with a pendulum or the Stick Pad.
  3. Once the sample has been tuned and a rate developed, place the blank pure water on the output and continue to run the operation for 20 minutes to imprint the water.
  4. As previously described you can administer the remedy three times a day with one drop under the tongue, or added to water.

Instead of tuning you may opt to use a rate from a radionic rate directory instead.


If you are prescribed a medicine by your doctor you can make an additional radionic remedy to help combat any negative side effects the drug may contain.

To do this follow the advanced procedure to tune into the substance. However it is critical to focus on the side effects of the medication while tuning. I will sometimes write out a list of the side effects and keep them next to the instrument while tuning to focus my mind on that aspect of the drug. Once the side effects have been tuned into, set a balance rate for them as outlined in the rate blog. You can then continue the rest of the steps outlined in the advanced procedure above. Since some medications have an extensive list of side effects, you may find it simpler to focus on the most likely side effects.

Continue to take your prescribed medication and dosage as outlined by your doctor. In addition to this start to take the water remedy along side it. If for example the medication requires you to take a dose every four hours, administer one drop of the water remedy under the tongue after taking your medication.

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