Radionics Seed Imprinting

July 22, 2018

Radionics Seed Imprinting

We can use our Radionics machine to improve the growth rate of plants by imprinting seeds prior to germination. We use a specific frequency of 183.5Hz for 45 minutes of imprinting on the output plate of Spooky2 Radionics or the additional Extension plate connected to the output.  This process has achieved very clear results among researchers and commercial growers. We will look at some of the early evidence obtained using this device, but first I will present the basic method of improving plant growth.

  1. Connect the Radionics machine input socket to the Spooky2 XM generator OUT1 socket. 
  2. Add the seeds you wish to imprint to the output plate and set a beneficial rate if you wish from one of the Radionics Rate directories. 
  3. Run the Radionics Plant Growth preset in the Spooky2 software. This preset will run for 45 minutes after which time the seeds can be removed and planted.
  4. You may chose to transfer a reagent such as Helix Tosta from the input to help reinforce the seeds which will protect the plant from pests and diseases dependent on the reagents you are using. 


Radionics Seed Imprinting Research 

Some talented researchers have conducted experiments with the radionic device to imprint seeds in order to improve their growth. It seems at this early stage that the species from which the seed originates determines how pronounced the results are.

Here is a test conducted with peas courtesy Akaida  showing the results after 5 weeks. Imprinted on the Left T, control group not imprinted NT on the right. 

Radionics Imprinted Peas


Another example is Tomato seeds courtesy of Reza the first image which shows the imprinted group on the left and the control group not imprinted on the right, there is a clear improvement in germination time without the need for scarification. The second image shows the healthy Tomato plant on the left after 32 Days with an impressive growth rate compared to the control group on the right. 

Radionics Imprinted Tomato seeds


Radionics Imprinted Tomato Plant

We are also seeing growth improvement from using imprinted water. However, the results are not as pronounced as directly imprinting the seeds, though there is still a significant improvement over the control group.

These are early experiments. The research is improving all the time. I encourage you to conduct your own experiments and share your results. We still require more data on the use of reagents to improve the growth and crop yield. Also for repelling pests and diseases. I have witnessed the latter in action, but it needs a scientific process to capture the data in an orderly manner and compare results to a control group. There are ongoing experiments but the data cannot be released at this time. Further research to conduct is an improvement in crop yield, and whether the growth rate is improved over subsequent generations.

Plant seeds are susceptible to pulsed electromagnetic fields in various frequencies and intensity. However the experiments being conducted are highlighting that seeds imprinted on the output of the Berkana Labs instrument with its positive and additive spin polarity show significant gains over other modalities.

Minimal Results

If you do not see significant gains in plant growth then I suggest using mild scarification of the seeds and placing them on a damp towel in a sealed container during imprinting. This is particularly necessary with hard shell seeds. It is a standard procedure to improve germination time, however allowing the water to enter the seed shell will improve the radionic imprinting results and show a significant growth yield as the above experiments highlight.

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